Myanmar is the county which have many great destination. If you want to have some memorable experiences, you should not miss 3 things that will make your Myanmar Tour more attractive.

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Sip Wine In Nyaungshwe

Sip Wine In Nyaungshwe

In addition to the famous landmark Inle Lake, the small and peaceful Nyaungshwe town has an interesting place to visit, the Red Mountains Ranch, which specializes in grape growing and winemaking. You can rent a bike or a tuktuk and only take about 30 minutes to climb this hill.

Here visitors are free to visit the wineries, vineyards or try wine … From the top of the hill, in the cool and fresh air, you can comfortably view the whole view. town.

If you want to try wine, the restaurant has a special menu for 2,000 kyat, including 4 different wines. In addition, there are some you will have to pay separately, prices from 2,000 to 3,000 kyat / glass. A bottle of wine costs from 8,000 kyat to 10,000 kyat. You can also find this wine at Yangon Airport. The farm also has a restaurant that serves food and pastries.

In Myanmar, the currency used is Kyat money, which is read as baht and dollars. The exchange rate at the US $ 1 airport has been close to 1,000 kyat.a

Explore The Inle Lake

Explore The Inle Lake

Inle is often a destination not many people overlook when coming to Myanmar. When you watch the sunrise on Lake Inle, if you are lucky you will have the opportunity to see the traditional festival, bold colors of the native Myanmar. You will be surprised that in a flash, there will be dozens of boats from all over the lake gather together.

The long boats are elaborately decorated and eye-catching, carrying hundreds of Myanmar men in longyi, dancing and dancing to the music. Unlike the tranquility of the lake and the people of Myanmar that you often see, traditional festivals create an extremely bustling and vibrant scene.

Besides, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a lunch on the lake or visit the traditional villages such as weaving, tobacco, making silver. Typical souvenirs at Inle Lake include silver fish for luck, cigarettes made entirely from natural materials, silk products made from silk … The crafts here Prices are usually quite expensive and not easy to bargain.

The peaceful beaches in Myanmar

The peaceful beaches in Myanmar

As an emerging tourist destination, Myanmar owns many secluded beaches, keeping pristine beauty.


Beach owns coastline stretches to 7km with fine white sand and palm trees cool. Blue sea water, crystal clear. Every day, there are flights to Ngapali from Yangon, only 45 minutes.

Ngwe Saung

In the south of Ngapali and near the capital Yangon is the coast of Ngwe Saung, also known as the “sea of ​​silver”.

The flight from Yangon arrived only 35 minutes. This is not only an ideal place for swimming, but also diving, surfing and visiting the islands.

Chuang Tha

240 kmwest of Yangon is the beautiful Chuang Tha beach fascinated. Not as beautiful as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung but this beach is famous, crowded during the weekend or holiday. The services here are also more professional. Guests can rent boats to the island or scuba dive for colorful tropical fish.


Kanthaya is one of the pristine beaches and is unmistakably transformed by modern life in Myanmar. Not many sports or shops, come here, you will enjoy the moment completely quiet nature.

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