Are you going to have a intention to make a Myanmar tour this summer? Traveling to Myanmar, you can enjoy not only the beautiful sightseeings but also delicous food. Moreover, Myanmar is the country which have so many traditional festival. And here are the TOP 4 experiences not to be missed while traveling Myanmar.

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Walking around the curbside market in Yangon, Myanmar

The sun goes from gold to silver and sapphire blue, covering the aisles of bustling wholesale buyers in Yangon, Myanmar. Next to the famous Bogyoke Market, Yangon also has many other markets, especially the markets located right on the curb.

There you will smell the jasmine fragrance from the women wreathed hands to sell to housewives or travelers. Not only that, you can also smell the meat, fish and chicken. Like most markets, the roadside market in Yangon offers a full range of food items from eggs, cheese, to kem thanaka – a type of ice cream that locals use to apply sunscreen.

Along the street fragrant fragrant jasmine is the scene of people sitting everywhere. Next to them may be sacks full of rice or plastic bowls, bamboo carrot cartons, tomatoes and a myriad of other vegetables.

Far away, you will see the flashing light from the cans, which are fish selling with fish piled up on banana leaves. Watch out for a bit more, you’ll probably see counters selling brilliant yellow turmeric.

The cultural beauty of Yangon’s curbside market

The cultural beauty of Yangon's curbside market

If the traders focus crowded the customer is not inferior. People of all ages with different dress styles tend to go shopping for what they need or simply find a snack.

A man in a priest’s cloak with his left hand holding a newspaper, his right hand carrying a bean bag. A few steps away, there are men tattooed on traditional Burmese T-shirts and dresses. From a distance, you may feel the market is so crowded but once you experience it, you will soon discover the beauty of the simple culture of the place.

Explore the country with more than 2,000 temples

Explore the country with more than 2,000 temples

Being one of the country’s most pagodas in the region, Burma is a favorite destination for those who like to explore religious culture. More than 2,000 temples spread across the country, and you can ride from temples to temples. Bring a map, circle the places you will visit and start your trip to explore the stunning surroundings. Remember to bring water and snacks, because there are not many bars around the temple.

Explore the villages around Lake Inle by bike and canoe

Explore the villages around Lake Inle by bike and canoe

In the eyes of some Myanmar people, Inle Lake is the most beautiful place in the world. Inle Lake is not so deep, but its surface is like a mirror reflecting the surrounding hills. You can explore some nearby small towns by bike, take a boat ride on the lake to enjoy the scenery, visit the nearby bars and temples.

Pilgrimage of the Buddha and breathe fresh air

Pilgrimage of the Buddha and breathe fresh air

Getting to the top of the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (also known as the Golden Rock Pagoda) and enjoying the stunning views from the top of the mountain is also a refreshing experience. The Golden Rock is famous for its gold-framed and uneven surface. Legend has it that, even if only slightly exposed to the surface of the mountain but Golden Rock is still standing due to the hair of Buddha hold it. Buddhists from all over come here to pay homage and meditate overlooking the valley below. A small note, you should wear the shoulder and knee dress to match the solemn place and also keep warm because the air here is quite cold


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