With more than 100 different languages ​​and cultures, Burma is an interesting country for foreigners. Getting to Myanmar to explore the rich history, indigenous life and experience other interesting things is something that anyone can do.

You can plan what you will do for your Myanmar Tour, but the truth will sometimes be different than what you have imagined. Here are 6 interesting experiences in Myanmar.

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Try traditional costumes

Whether you travel anywhere, meeting and chatting with local people will definitely bring you great experiences. The first day when traveling to Myanmar, you should visit the market or walk to the city center, to the traditional costume shops ( so called longyi (for men) and tamain (for women)).

There are many colors and patterns to choose from, especially those for ethnic minorities only. Wear longyi and tamain simply wrap the fabric into several loops, and you only need to wrap them tightly to keep them safe. Unlike other countries in the region, Burmese wear this outfit every day.

Try traditional costumes

Thanaka is a traditional make-up powder in Myanmar, with a natural sweet scent, used by people to cool the skin and protect it from the sun. Powder is made from the flour of Thanaka planted throughout the country.

Women and children all use thanaka, the students I met told that they used charcoal to spread all over the face and arm everyday. Usually people mix some water in powder, then brush or brush to paint on the face. You will find it interesting to see girls with rabbits and animals on their cheeks.

Enjoy tea

Going all the way to Myanmar, you will surely meet the crowded tea bar at late afternoon. People drink tea and chat shady. There are sweet tea, bitter or mixed tea, served with steamed dumplings and parata.

Sitting for hours in the temple

Sitting for hours in the temple

You can visit the temples, contact the Buddhists to explore the culture of Myanmar, by the temple where many local families spend a lot of time to come together. You will see monks and nuns sitting in meditation or chanting for hours. You should bring some snacks and drinks, sit and observe the tradition of worship here. In Myanmar there are many temples and pagodas; visitors can visit Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Maha Muni in Mandalay and many other temples. In Myanmar Tourism – Visiting Shwedagon Pagoda is the best time to take a photo of Shwedagon Pagoda is before sunset.

Climb to the top of Mandalay and speak English with the monks

Climb to the top of Mandalay and speak English with the monks

The monks here mostly attend Buddhist universities in western Mandalay and their aspirations are to study in Thailand or India. Therefore, the young monks are very willing to take you to explore and explore not only the purpose of training, improve the level of English.

Watch the walk on the longest teak bridge in the world

U Bein Bridge is the longest teak bridge in the world, connecting some small towns in Mandalay. Local people and monks often carry goods by bicycle across the bridge. Spending time walking on this 2km long bridge will not disappoint you. You will see the lake full of water in the rainy season, until the dry season can see fish and other animals wandering through the lake. You can also sail on the lake and watch the stream pass by.



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