In many Myanmar tours, there are three places that most tourists visit Bagan, Mandalay and Inle.

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The experience when traveling Bagan

Nothing less than relaxing on the quiet streets of Bagan in the late afternoon sun and climbing to the high temples to watch the sunset slowly linger on the horizon. And you should remember to bring dollars in exchange for Kyat or spend small dollars also. In Myanmar, people hardly accept the Australian, Euro or British pound, even in this country also do not have ATM and do not accept credit cards.

Eating in Myanmar is easy, with no fast food but good local food. In big cities, there are Chinese, Thai, Italian restaurants. For those who “love” coffee should bring Vietnamese coffee to drink because Myanmar cafe is quite bored.

Taxi in Yangon Airport is the same price. In the city about 8,000 kyat, hourly 6,000 kyat (1 USD is about 870 kyat). Buses from Yangon to Bagan are very clean, free drinks and toothbrushes. Horseback riding in Bagan is also cheap, 10,000 kyat day running around very interesting, bicycles are 3,000 kyat / day.

In Bagan, you should eat at the “All you can eat” Myanmar Food House for only 2,000 kyat per person or Harmony BBQ is very tasty and cheap. And the accommodation in Bagan is about $ 13-16 per person. You can refer Winner Guest House price very well.

Myanmar Tourism – Mandalay Travel Experiences

Myanmar Tourism - Mandalay Travel Experiences

One day tour in Mandalay is 25,000 kyat. You should not go to many temples in Mandalay easily bored, so go to Mandalay Hill, monastery, palace … morning and then go to Sagaing Hill, Inwa and UBein bridge in the afternoon always. The full day price for the schedule will be 45,000 kyat instead of the two-day work that will be 55,000 kyat.

You should take the night bus from Bagan to Mandalay to save time and spend one night at the inn. It will take you only 2 days to visit all famous places of Mandalay. So, in the next day should go to the dock to buy tickets to Mingun. The price is about 5,000 kyat / person, and departue from 9am to 13h pm.

When coming to Mingun, you should eat fish or shrimp fried with white rice for your lunch because the price is very cheap. But don’t worry about the quality, the food at Mingun is very delicous. Remember to eat nylon cream in Mandalay but there is not much to eat. And dinner at the Mann or Golden Duck is fine and the food is just right. Remember to take a walk around the evening palace with cool water channels. And in the afternoon, there is a have a happy night market at Mingun.

Myanmar Tourism – Inle Travel Experiences

There are many ways to reach Inle. You can take a car or plane from Mandalay, Yangon or Bagan. The airport to Inle is Heho. You can stay in the boarding house in the village of Nyangshwe for about $ 10 cheaper. Then you can rent a boat to Inle Lake. However, in my opinion you should experience a few nights at the lake resort.

The villages in Inle have different or different features so try to go as much as possible. And don’t forget to enjoy the sunset on Lake Inle. If you live in a lagoon resort, you should bring some food because the food restaurants is very expensive. And the Yangon International Airport now charges no more than $ 10 for the airport. So you can spend the last penny without having to pay airport fees.


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