Asia can be a difficult and challenging place to organize a family trip. Indeed, most of our family

trips we plan are typically for families using someone to organize their trip for the very first time. They are in good hands. We’ve organized custom family tours in Asia for over 20 years, pioneering new destinations including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar and even if you don’t consider Japan daunting (it can very much be so), your family will delight to the unique places, immersive activities and authentic encounters we’ve planned not only for the kids, but parents too.We’ll organize your trip from international airlines, arrival through departure, handling every detail, including expedited immigration, visas, hotel check-ins, dining and more, all under the watchful eye of a dedicated, local in-country trip manager.

What’s to know? Asia is not only the most thrilling place to travel with your family, but a very safe and comfortable destination for traveling with kids of all ages. Family tours are our favorite—we travel with our children throughout the region and have been hosting families with children of all ages since 1993. Nobody else has as experience, contacts, nor our knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. Contact us and find out. Ask us the really tough questions. On your trip, our in-country local staff, many who have been part of our team for over a decade (Patrick Chase, right, in our Cambodia office) most whom also have children, will ensure your trip will not only go smoothly, but will be in daily contact throughout your trip.

Only in Asia

Asia provides an endless stream of fascinating sights, adventurous outdoor activities, stunning landscapes, exotic animals and marine life to encounter, exceptional learning experiences such as school visits, and opportunities to volunteer on activities and local projects will keep kids of all ages engaged. Throughout Southeast Asia, people are helpful and friendly, and adore children. For families traveling with toddlers to teenagers, to young adults, we will be sure to match your family with activities and locations that will not only excite and entertain the whole family, but will be remembered as the trip of a lifetime.

Family traveling in Myanmar (Burma)

From the bustling city life of Bangkok to the lazy rivers of Laos, hiking between the wild monkeys high on Mount Popa in Myanmar (right), feeding elephants in Thailand, staying at monastery on sacred Mount Kōya in Japan, and spying on Giant Pandas in China, there are many spots and exotic sights in Asia that are perfect for keeping kids happy and amused, while still allowing parents to get in the relaxation and vacation time they need. The following is a list of some of the best spots across the region to visit with the whole family.



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Children learning lacquer art in Hanoi Learning Dan Bau in Hanoi
Family at Laos elephant camp Family boating in Vietnam

Our family tours of Vietnam will spice up your travel in the region. We can’t recommend Vietnam enough, if you can choose only one place to travel in Asia, Vietnam should be at the top of your list. Nowhere on Earth is there a more fascinating and engaging destination, nor people who are among the most exceptional you will ever meet. We’ve escorted kids of all ages since 1993 organizing biking, kayaking, light trekking, camping out in hilltribe villages, with unique activities such as hands-on rice planting or learning hands-on how to create traditional lacquer guided by a leading artist. Our staff, in fact you’ll discover almost all Vietnamese, are “kid crazy” and your children will enjoy one of the most remarkable trips they’ve ever had..What a great trip! We were stunned by the wonderful Vietnamese people, the wonderful views, the terrific food and the stellar way that our trip was assembled. This was truly one of our best family vacations. —Karen and Rich Goss

Take in a bit of history just outside Saigon, where you can visit the intriguing Cu Chi Tunnels where South Vietnamese fighters lived in these underground tunnels for years during the Vietnam War, and even had doctors and stores set up under the ground. This is a sobering and educational reminder of the dangers and hardships of war. We’ll also expose you to living history, meeting with fighter pilot Mr. Hong My in his Hanoi Old Quarter home to hear of his dogfights above Hanoi during the war.

For a more light-hearted trip, we’ll head to the mountains in Sapa in the far north of the country. Here you can trek through emerald-green rice terraces and meet friendly local groups who still retain their unique culture and traditional ways.

If your family enjoys active travel, will love kayaking through the stunning karst landscapes of Halong Bay. Just two and a half hours outside of Hanoi is one of the world’s most incredible geological settings. Here, you can paddle past towering limestone karst formations and traditional Vietnamese wooden junks. The waters are very calm here, and a pleasant for boating and kayaking with children of all ages and ability.

Please note hotels and flights for December high season begin to fill by the end of July and early August.


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