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Bike Riding around Inle Lake
If you want to see tarmac roads, corn fields and plenty of other tourists on bikes then go for this bike trip. It’s about an hour hot, sweaty bike ride to the closest village on the lake which is already quite full of touts wanting to take you somewhere. Don’t let them rip you off, but do ask them to...
Generally the words Myanmar and wifi do not co-exist together. Even with a 3G ready Burmese Sim card the only place you are likely to get decent wifi is Yangon and maybe Mandalay, and when I say decent I don’t really mean that, it will still drop all the time and run slower than a 2 legged dog. But, as...
Lucky for me I happened to be in the right place at the right time to experience the immense ballooning production that is the Taunggyi Balloon Festival. It happens every year after the Buddist lent which is around the end of October/beginning November, celebrating the end of the rainy season. Taunggyi balloon festival dates for 2017 have not yet been announced,...

Inle Lake FAQs

Inle Lake FAQs
There is so much information about Inle Lake it can be hard to find the exact answer to a specific and straight forward question you may have. So here are some frequently asked questions that I had before I went and that I have heard people ask. Even a question that seems obvious once you get there can feel...


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