U Po Kyin, Sub-divisional Magistrate of Kyauktada, in Upper Burma, was sitting in his veranda. It was only half past eight, but the month was April, and there was a closeness in the air, a threat of the long, stifling midday hours. Occasional faint breaths of wind, seeming cool by contrast, stirred the newly drenched orchids that hung from the eaves. Beyond the orchids one could see the dusty, curved trunk of a palm tree, and then the blazing ultramarine sky. Up in the zenith, so high that it dazzled one to look at them, a few vultures circled without the quiver of a wing.”George Orwell, Burmese Days (for a more contemporary portrait of the country, we recommend The River of Lost Footsteps, by Thant Myint-U).

Not much has changed since Orwell spent his time in what was then Burma, to the delight of travelers who have found almost every other destination in Asia transformed in recent decades. Following the classic travel itinerary of the country, although with our unique take on the sequence of places visited, this trip, will focus on the deep spirituality of Burmese culture and people-to-people encounters from an up close and intimate perspective.

This trip will encompass the sacred highlights of the country and far lesser known ones, along with unique activities and sightseeing, while emphasizing religious customs, arts and crafts, and vanishing traditional lifestyles in the villages through personal encounters in areas where few other travelers venture including monasteries and the Buddhist University in Mandalay where we will learn about the region’s unique expression of Buddhism firsthand. We’ll also savor the region’s stunning diversity of landscapes, from karst river valleys, desert plains, high-mountain ranges at time’s best for photography.

The Inle Lake basin offers a sublime setting, a visually intriguing landscape and where a diversity of colorful hilltribe cultures converge in the tranquil setting. Differing from popular destinations, Bagan and Mandalay, Inle features cooler mountain landscapes and a rich diversity of hilltribe villages and we’ll delve deep into the unique aquatic culture here.

Professional English-speaking guides are top-tier university graduates and/or most-experienced and knowledgeable in their region or field. A tour manager based in Yangon will monitor your trip will also ensure your journey with pus goes as smooth as possible. Accommodations feature the finest boutique hotels in deluxe rooms, chosen for historical interest, character, amenities, location and/or staff and client favorites.


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