It is said that if you say you come to Myanmar but have never been to Shwedagon Paya, then your Myanmar Tour is considered to be empty. So let find our every thing abour Shwedagon Pagoda. And you can understant why it is the most famous place in Myanmar?

Overview about Shwedagon Pagoda

When you travel to Shwedagon , your heart will miss a beat. The Shewadagon Temple illuminates the golden light in the sun. Then, when the afternoon sun finally shines, the pagoda radiates yellow and orange. The precious diamond at the top of the pagoda radiates pure white blood and bloody blue that make people jealous of the far corner of the temple grounds.

This place can be quiet and thoughtful, sometimes extremely brilliant and bustling. As for Burmese, this is the most sacred place of Buddhism and all the Buddhists have the desire to visit here once in their lives. So, if you have come to explore Myanmar , definitely have to visit here

Shwedagon Pagoda can be seen from all over the city. The temple is located north of central Yangon, keeping People’s Park and Kandawgyi.

Entry fee includes transportation to the yard of stupa tower. Of course, you can walk along the magnificent entrances – this is how many tourists choose. Gate north at night very beautiful.

Shwedagon Pagoda’s Decoration

There are four walks up Singuttara Hill to reach Shwedagon’s pitch. The south entrance from Shwedagon Road is largely called the main path. Here and at the northbound entrance there is a passenger transport service if you are unable to go hiking. Entrance to the West has elevators up and this is the only entrance without any vendors. The eastern door has the most traditional view, passing parallel monasteries and road vendors.

Two 30ft (30ft) chinchin (gate keeper lion half dragon) seated the south gate. You must put on your shoes and socks before stepping on the first step. Like other gates, those in the south have boutiques on either side, where Buddhists buy flowers – real flowers and artificial flowers – to worship. Buddha images, memorial paper boxes, books, throne, incense sticks and antiques are also on sale. No matter how hot it is, the road to Shwedagon is always cool, shady and peaceful. This tranquility is more pronounced when you reach the platform of the Shwedagon.

When you step on the floor of the Shwedagon, you just step out of the shady area and step into the shine of yellow light. Shwedagon is not only a giant tower and sparkling. Around the tower stupa are large towers, statues, pagodas, smaller shrines. And maybe the fill of gold in the main stupa makes the look bigger and more sparkling.

Stupa – Actually all Buddhist buildings – should go clockwise. So you should turn left at the end of the stairs. And like the locals, let’s start off. On hot days you will have to move on the mats around the tower. Unless your feet can withstand the heat of the tower floor.

Stupa Tower and treasures

Stupa Tower and treasures

The Shwedagon is located on a 190ft high hill over the sea floor and 12th floor of the temple. Before the British took control of South Myanmar, protesters dug up the walls, but the British army made this spread. Now we can still see traces of cannon installations here.

The main stupa tower is quite standard. First of all the foundation is 21ft high on the tower. Right after that is Shwedagon. There are also more towers built on this foundation. Four towers in four sides mark the square structure of the tower. A lot of stations around the nail, for daily needs. Local people come to pray at the towers representing their birthdays. If you know your date of birth, locals can point you to the right station.

The shoulder of the bell is decorated with 16 flowers. The bell is the inner bowl, another architectural element of the stupa. Above are the moldings and lotuses, including a row of petals and a row of petals.


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