Awkward watching, but do go anyway cos these guys are working hard to put food on the table and it is supporting a good cause.

Out of their garage every night come s a show famous for talking about politics but yet talks nothing really about politics.

The main brother, Par Par Lay, died from water poisoning in prison in 2013 and so now it’s more of a historical information show put on by the other two brothers Lu Maw and Lu Zaw.

It’s almost sad to watch them trying so hard to make the audience laugh but with such sadness behind their eyes.

It could be that we just don’t get the Burmese humor, same way some people don’t get sarcasm as a form of humor, but despite the show not being so funny, it was hugely interesting.

Even if you spent the whole 2 hours looking at the wall you could learn a lot from all the old photos and movie pictures and tidbits all around.

Do NOT eat at the food place directly opposite The Moustache Brothers show! It not only tastes horrific, and I am not a fussy eater, but how can fried rice go so so wrong!

Anyway I can handle bad tasting food, fine, even tho I think mine was laced with bits of glass, but when it’s bad twice! no. The following day our hotel toilet paper basket (you can’t flush paper pretty much anywhere in Myanmar), was not smelling the best to the point that we had to leave the room with no where to go and specifically ask for it to be cleaned. Eugh.

NB: When you are looking for the little garage, Google maps have it WRONG! and for once the Lonely Planet has something right and has the correct mapped location for the Moustache Brothers. I got lost before figuring this out. Many blogs say just ask a taxi driver or bike rickshaw driver, but the ones I asked also had no idea where it was and just pointed me in a direction out of politeness.

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