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Try traditional costumes
With more than 100 different languages ​​and cultures, Burma is an interesting country for foreigners. Getting to Myanmar to explore the rich history, indigenous life and experience other interesting things is something that anyone can do. You can plan what you will do for your Myanmar Tour, but the truth will sometimes be different than what you have imagined. Here...
Myanmar Tourism - Mandalay Travel Experiences
In many Myanmar tours, there are three places that most tourists visit Bagan, Mandalay and Inle. Read More 3 Things That Will Make Your Myanmar Tour More Attractive 4 experiences not to be missed while traveling Myanmar Travelling To Yangon, Myanmar And Some Special Explorations The experience when traveling Bagan Nothing less than relaxing on the quiet streets of Bagan in the...
Are you going to have a intention to make a Myanmar tour this summer? Traveling to Myanmar, you can enjoy not only the beautiful sightseeings but also delicous food. Moreover, Myanmar is the country which have so many traditional festival. And here are the TOP 4 experiences not to be missed while traveling Myanmar. Read More 3 Things That Will...
Explore The Inle Lake
Myanmar is the county which have many great destination. If you want to have some memorable experiences, you should not miss 3 things that will make your Myanmar Tour more attractive. There is no word to describe the beauty of Bagan Travelling To Yangon, Myanmar And Some Special Explorations 5 great experiences when traveling to Yangon Click in link to...
Visiting National Museum of Myanmar
The sun goes from gold to silver and sapphire blue, covering the aisles of bustling wholesale buyers in Yangon, Myanmar. In your Myanmar tour, Yangon is one of the best destination that you must come. Walking around the curbside market in Yangon, Myanmar At the the curbside market in Yangon, Myanmar you will smell the jasmine fragrance from the women wreathed...
The Spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda
The Yangon tourism fascinates visitors with ancient, multicultural beauty with attractive destinations. It will give visitors the opportunity to experience the feeling of being contented and unwilling to leave. Click in link to see the tour on Myanmar: http://www.asiatouradvisor.com/myanmar-tours/ Visit Shwedagon Pagoda Visit Pagoda is one of the most impotant event of your Myanmar Tour. Myanmar has long been considered a sacred land...
Tayonke Payay Temple - The most beautiful sunrise of Bagan
If only 2-3 days for a Myanmar tour, you should go to the Bagan so that you can have the best experience in your life. Myanmar is a beautiful country, full of identity, the destination of many travelers. The opportunity to fly to this pagoda country is very easy. Explore Myanmar, you need at least 2 weeks. However, not everyone...
Discover the scenery inside the cave
When introducing about the Shan State - the eastern land of Myanmar, Vietnamese tourists often refer only to Inle Lake. But if you have a lot of time to explore, visitors will recognize in addition to Inle, Shan State also has many interesting destinations for those who love the beauty of ancient culture of Myanmar Tour. For visitors from...
Travelling to Myanmar and discoverring 9 beautiful destinations for your Myanmar tour, you will be surprised by the rusticity, beauty, peace of the "mysterious" country in Southeast Asia. 9 beautiful destinations for your Myanmar tour Here are 9 extremely attractive destinations that will definitely make your Myanmar tours more enjoyable and memorable. Inle Lake Inle Lake is about 11km wide, 22km long from...
Explore historic Mandalay
The ancient country formerly known as Burma was a closed secret for many years. With political change has come a more openness and holiday makers are pouring in to see the thousands of temples and previously hidden wonders. Myanmar is filling hotels as fast as they can build them. Read More Travelling To Yangon, Myanmar And Some Special Explorations 3 Things That...


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