Enjoying Burmese Tea Leaf Salad, popular buffets, or playing at your best in “Thingyan” Water Festival on New Year’s celebration… are one of the most interesting experiences only available in Myanmar Tour.

Taking a boat cruise on Irrawaddy River

Irrawaddy River, the longest river in Myanmar, winds its way as a silk ribbon stretching along the north-south direction of this country. Scenery on two river banks and fishermen’s life still retain the great beauty and go deep into the human heart. If you have an opportunity to experience Myanmar Tour, you definitely should spend a day sailing the boat on Irrawaddy River.

Enjoying Tea Leaf Salad

Hardly anywhere in the world you can see people eating tea instead of drinking like Myanmar. One of the most special dishes here is Tea Leaf Salad made from pre-processed green tea leaves and mixed with cabbage slices, tomatoes, beans, garlic oil, slices and spicy chili peppers to create a special salad.

Enjoying buffets with popular prices

Travelling to Myanmar, you will have a chance to enjoy a delicious buffet with only less than $5, even including drinking water. You will be served at your table. The staff will readily bring new dishes to you when the food nearly runs out. At the end of meal, you will be served desserts with many kinds of fruits and jams.

Visiting the Nat Festival

The Nats are spirits worshipped in Burma (or Myanmar) in conjunction with Buddhism. On the day of this feast, people will make ceremonial offerings, dance and embody the Nat’s spirit in a trance. Do not miss the opportunity to experience the biggest Nat Festival that takes place in August annually in Taungbyone and in Mount Popa.

Admiring the glow of sunrise and sunset only in Myanmar

U Bein Bridge is a crossing that spans the Taungthaman Lake near Amarapura in Myanmar. The 1.2-kilometre bridge was built around 1850 and is believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. It is considered as a symbol of Myanmar and one of the points to enjoy the most beautiful sunset all over the world. In the afternoon, the bridge is covered by a brilliant yellow of the sunset going through the wooden poles. Tourists can rent wooden boats to get closer to the bridge and watch the sunset on the lake.

Moreover, for Bagan, one of the most popular destinations in Myanmar, you will be thrilled with joy when sitting on the highest flight of steps of a temple and seeing the first light of rising dawn. Bagan in the dawn is like a fairyland with hundreds of mysterious and ancient shrines.

Attending “Thingyan” Water Festival

Thingyan, which takes place in mid-April on the Gregorian calendar, is one of the largest and most widely celebrated holidays in Myanmar. Commonly referred to as the Water Festival, Thingyan allows people to celebrate the Burmese New Year. This is also a special occasion for everyone to show respect to the Buddha and a chance for them to play with and throw water on each other. The festive atmosphere is the most bustling in Mandalay, where people make use of water guns and any devices that deliver water and continuously throw water on one another.

“Thanaka” grinding event

Thanaka is a traditional yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from thanaka tree’s bark. Females use it as a protection against heat as well as a decoration. In Myanmar Tour, you can try by having Burmese residents creamed it on your face and took some photos with them.

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