Tet, an occasion people gather with family and friends, is coming really close. Vietnamese Tet scent is also the scent of the cultural values of thousands of lives, the human scent. There are many cultural things that must be presented in Tet, therefore, whenever you smell these scents, it is an indicator that Vietnamese people are preparing for Tet holiday. Let’s take a Vietnam Cultural tour and let our Vietnam tours guide introduce you the traditional customs in Vietnamese tet holiday.

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The aroma of incense

People burn incense not only on Tet holiday but the flavor is always very special on Tet holiday and incense has already been the smell that makes everyone want to come back home. Maybe, on Tet Holiday, people select the most fragrant incenses to worship their ancestors. Just inhaling the scent of incense in the afternoon, they know that they have returned their peaceful home.

The Taste Of The Traditional Vietnamese Tet 1

            Pic 1: incense is prepared for Tet

In addition, it is a special traditional custom in Vietnam that people will spend the first day of Lunar New Year to visit temples, churches and pagoda to worship the Buddha and their ancestors. On this occasion, incense is a means to greet and tribute.

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The aroma of kitchen smoke and Chung cake

There will be no New Year without the sticky-rice cake – Chung cake and Tet cake. Tet will not be fulfilled without the acrid smell of smoke emitted from the fire to cook Chung cake on the days of Tet. In the cold of the last days, the laughter of the mothers and aunts who making Chung cakes, the hustle and bustle sound of whirring kids wanting to help their families look after the boiling pot of Chung cake, together warms the heart of Vietnamese people. So, every time you see the green Chung cake on the stores or smell the incense of kitchen smoke and Chung cake spread from the small village, you know traditional Vietnamese Tet is coming.

The Taste Of The Traditional Vietnamese Tet 2

            Pic 2: women making Chung cake for Tet

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The aroma of cakes, candies and jellies

The days before Tet holiday, the store sold cakes, candies and jellies become bustle than ever. People come and buy them to prepare for Tet, chatter seem endless and the aroma of cakes, candies and jellies so straight into the noses. Tet is near. Although not hungry but everyone smelling tastes of Tet cakes, jams will want to try and nod appreciatively with delicious Vietnamese Tet dishes. Sweet apricot bars, spicy ginger jam, coconut jam, candies are as intertwined, cultivate a more meaningful Tet.

The Taste Of The Traditional Vietnamese Tet 3

            Pic 3: Candy stores are full on Tet holiday

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The aroma of calligraphic ink

On spring, the Vietnamese people will wear Ao dai, walk around calligraphy writer (Ong Do) Street to ask for letters. Though this street has no longer been as crowded as original ancient times, but it still attract many people visit to smell and see calligraphic ink written in red paper. This tradition is still preserved until now. Just saw calligraphy writers calmly use the pen to draw letters, grind calligraphic ink by hands and carefully write each character line, you know that Tet is on Vietnamese’s doorstep.

The Taste Of The Traditional Vietnamese Tet 4

            Pic 4: Visit calligraphy writer on Tet holiday on Vietnam tour

The aroma of spring floral

On Lunar New Year eve, everyone presents some flower pots in the yard and in their houses to decorate in Spring. Not only pink peach or yellow apricot, the spring floral paintings also have the represent of lilies, daisies, gladiolus, roses and thousands of other colors. This period of the year is exactly the time people sell various kinds of flowers and decorative trees, and obviously, flavor of passionate Festival is spreading from the aroma of the flowers.

The Taste Of The Traditional Vietnamese Tet 4

            Pic 5: Binh Dong port full of flowers on Tet holiday

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